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The shape of the face is an important factor in beauty, and understanding your face shape can assist you in determining the makeup, hair, and overall look that you desire to achieve.

While everyone has their own idea of what makes a face beautiful, there is a scientific aspect to facial aesthetics. The Golden Ratio (Phi) is a mathematical concept that can assist in determining ideal facial proportions for facial treatments. To calculate this, measure the length and width of your face and divide the length by the width, aiming for a result of around 1.62, which is known as Phi after the Greek sculptor Phidias.

Facial rejuvenation involves improving facial proportions, which can be achieved through dermal fillers injected into areas such as the cheeks, chin, jawline, lips, or nose to balance facial proportions and enhance facial appearance.

Our pharmacist works closely with each individual to achieve their desired facial shape using dermal fillers and wrinkle treatments to add volume and structure, resulting in perfectly proportioned facial angles and volume.

During the consultation process, we assess each individual’s unique features to determine how their face is ageing and develop a strategic injection plan to achieve a more youthful and balanced appearance while maintaining natural and subtle results.

Achieving a Balanced Profile: A well-balanced profile is just as crucial as having a proportionate front view. To achieve the ideal side profile, the nose, lips, and chin must be aligned in harmony. Enhancing these features can lead to a well-balanced profile.

Enhancing Feminine Features: This treatment is designed to enhance feminine facial features such as a narrow and proportional chin, high and wide cheekbones, and softly defined jawbones. Further feminization can be achieved by creating a slight curve in the nose and enhancing the lips.

Emphasizing Masculine Features: Masculinization treatment is focused on sharpening and defining prominent facial features, such as the chin and jaws. A strong, dominant jawline with an angular and defined appearance is essential in creating a masculine look. Cheeks and the nose may also be treated to achieve a sculpted appearance, albeit in a different way than enhancing feminine features.

Restoring Structural Integrity: Aging can lead to a loss of volume in specific facial areas like the temples, cheeks, and jaw, resulting in a sagging effect and hollowness. This can make the face look older. The goal of structural restoration is to restore the lost volume in these areas due to aging, making the face appear more youthful.

Treatment time45 – 60 minutes
PainNone to minimal discomfort
Results duration12 – 24 months
PriceFrom £400